Saskatoon Ironworkers Make a Bright Splash on the City’s Skyline

Kinsmen Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan reopened this past summer to great fanfare. As a beloved public park with over 100 years of history, thanks to the Local 771 Ironworkers, Kinsmen Park will now continue to be a place of even more memories for its residents and visitors.

The Ironworkers teamed up with Supreme Steel Saskatoon to erect a 20-metre tall Ferris wheel as part of their contribution to this community-focused project. A complex structure that was originally built in Italy, the Ferris wheel required professional installation and setup to ensure the safety and enjoyment of riders. The Ironworkers from Saskatoon Local 771 delivered on their promise to do just that, all while donating their time and skills to the cause.

Kinsmen Park’s rich history, dating back to 1903, includes being home to the Saskatoon Fair and horse race track. Now as part of the newly launched PotashCorp Playland, which features a train, a revitalized carousel and the yellow Ferris wheel, Kinsmen Park is even more integral to the community.

For the Ironworkers, this is precisely why they chose to get involved and donate their time and expertise. A project that betters the community aligns with their own goals. And a project that is securely and expertly built is part of their everyday commitment in the work that they do across Canada. For more on this project and other community-focused activities, visit our blog regularly where we’ll continue to post updates and stories involving the Ironworkers of Canada.